Public Housing Managers are Very Important People

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A new book is now available from PHMI entitled, “Public Housing Managers are Very Important People.”

It’s written in the style of a letter or journal with light hearted and easy to read conversational language. The book focuses on the “boots on the ground” work of managing property designed for and occupied by individuals and families who are using government support in order to have “decent, safe and sanitary” shelter. The intended audience for the book was originally on-site housing authority personnel. The book reads as a folksy journey through the challenges of managing unit turnover, rent collection, maintenance, lease enforcement, resident participation in community life, the special requirements of young families and seniors. It doesn’t deal at all with federal, state, or local regulations and requirements. HUD does a fine job of providing that information.

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This volume has been developed in support of public housing executives working relationship with their Boards of Commissioners.

As the work evolved we received significant feedback that the potential readership was much broader than we had originally imagined. Based on that feedback we feel that a wide range of people would benefit from reading the new volume, including:

  • Commissioners
  • Central office staff
  • Municipal Service Providers
  • Local Political Leadership

It’s a small book, like the Commissioners Guide. But we hope that the contents will not only be reassuring to those people holding these challenging jobs but will lift up to the field in general how very important the work of site based management is.

Sample Pages for Review:

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Page 3 Page 4
Page 5 Page 6
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