All About Us - PHMI - The Public Housing Management Institute

PHMI Mission:
The mission of the Public Housing Management Institute is to provide public housing agencies the human and technical resources to manage their real estate assets for maximum value to the local community; their staff for maximum career and personal growth; and their housing communities for maximum human and neighborhood enrichment. PHMI exists to bring to public housing executives an operational "toolbox" designed to broaden, strengthen and deepen their ability to lead and manage their agencies Public housing directors and executives are required to have an extraordinary portfolio of skill and knowledge for their demanding responsibilities. They must be knowledgeable in areas of real property development, property management, federal housing programs, the requirements of the spectrum of "special users" from aging in place through the physically and emotionally disabled to the intricacies of "welfare reform"The agencies, through their politically appointed volunteer governance, are vulnerable to the dynamics of their local communities and they are the "implementation end" of an exceptionally complex federal delivery system.

Public housing agency leaders must simultaneously keep their agencies in compliance with an awesome fabric of federal requirements while also guiding the performance of the organizations in the fulfillment of the missions adopted by the housing authorities Boards of Commissioners. These two paths, while more or less parallel, are definitely not uniformly duplicative, and, in fact, are frequently contradictory.

There is a wealth of information available from HUD directed to the requirements of federal law and regulation. There is comparatively little focusing on the day-to-day challenges that are part of operating an agency who's existence is founded in the provision of shelter to that population least able to acquire it on the private marketplace. Operating a housing authority is infinitely greater than compliance with a set of federal requirements. Ask any director who's been in the job for more than a year.

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