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The Commissioners Guide to Public Housing

Published by the Public Housing Management Institute, The Commissioners Guide to Public Housing was written and designed to provide public housing executives with a critical resource for orienting Boards of Commissioners to the public housing agency; for providing important program information and guidance; and a context in which executive directors and commissioners can find more productive ways to work together.

The 100-page volume is written in laymen’s terms, creatively illustrated, concise in its presentation and comprehensive in its coverage. The Commissioners Guide to Public Housing is a bound book that makes an excellent stand alone reference for your Commissioners.

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Excerpts from the Introduction read:

This volume has been developed in support of public housing executives working relationship with their Boards of Commissioners.

It has been said that it is easier to run General Motors than it is to run the Chicago Housing Authority. This was not said in jest or with sarcasm. It was meant as a literal observation and seriously believed.

People who stand outside, even those who work in other public service, non-profit, or quasi-government positions find the reality of leading a public housing agency to be profoundly amazing. In truth, there are many who have made their professional careers in this strange and confounding field, who also find themselves in a state of recurring disbelief at the complexities and ironies that surround the work of providing government supported housing resources through a housing authority.

The individuals who agree to serve on the Board of Commissioners of these agencies are critically important. Unfortunately, it is not enough to make a commitment to attend a monthly meeting. These are very sophisticated, complicated, and enormously challenging agencies. The Executives job is difficult enough under the best of circumstances. It is imperative they have the support of knowledgeable, sensitive, creative and supportive Board members.

It is the intent of the Public Housing Management Institute that the following pages contribute in some small measure to this end.

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